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About the application

Desktop application is a software that can be downloaded and used on a local server (Internet connection is not required). The user drops a fundus image or OCT scan the installed application to get a result. Desktop application has a wider functionality than cloud-based platform in terms of OCT analysis: it enables innovative reconstruction of 3D images of retinal pathologies.

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Combining existing experience with new opportunities

Cloud-based Platform Desktop Application
Fundus Image Analysis Module
OCT Image Analysis Module
Diagnostics Report (.pdf)
OCT 3D Module
Calculation of the volume of pathologies
Access without an Internet connection

A wide range of opportunities for our users.

Fundus Image Analysis Module
  • Automatic segmentation of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) pathological features ;
  • Detected pathologies of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) are highlighted in a user friendly interphase;
  • Identification of stages of DR;
  • Identification of vision threatening DR;
  • Counting of intraretinal hemorrhages within each quadrant;
  • Macula detection;
  • Diabetic Macula Edema (DME) detection;
  • Reporting and textual description of identified pathologies;
  • Dynamic monitoring of DR;
OCT Scans Analysis Module
  • Segmentation of pathological structures;
  • Illumination of pathological structures in the user interface;
  • Algorithm for differential diagnostic search for probable pathology;
  • OCT scan analysis report;
  • Automatic generation of a text description of the scan.
OCT 3D Analysis
  • 3D Module is capable of reading and analyzing the DICOM file, composed of over 100 OCT scans;
  • Each scan is analyzed for pathologies; identified pathologies are marked by color;
  • Complex mathematical algorithms combine all scans and calculate volume of each pathology;
  • The results of pathology volume calculations are visualized in 3 dimensions (3D).

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