Fundus Image Analysis

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Fundus images requirements

  1. Fundus images must not contain the patient's personal data (last name, first name, date of birth, diagnosis, etc.), as well as information constituting a state secret, medical secret and other information protected by law;
  2. Images format: RGB color images;
  3. Minimum image resolution: 480x480 pixels;
  4. Supported image formats: .jpeg, .png, .bmp;
  5. For analysis, at least one fundus image centered on the macula and one image centered on the optic disc is required, the center of the macula and the optic disc must be visible and clearly distinguishable in the image.


The presence of artifacts in fundus images, poor image quality due to clouding of the optical media, or other reasons can adversely affect the operation of the program and lead to false results. The user is responsible for the quality and compliance with the requirements of images.

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Fundus Image Analysis: Diabetic Retinopathy