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About the Platform

Retina.AI is an artificial intelligence software for assessing the severity of diabetic retinopathy and other retinal diseases.
The Platform allows one-click diagnostics from anywhere in the world via a cloud based service.

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How Retina.AI might be helpful for doctors?

The Retina.AI Platform:

Helps to identify signs of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema in fundus photographs
Helps to determine the stage of diabetic retinopathy according to the International classification
Provides a report on the results of image analysis in a form convenient for the doctor
International Council of Ophthalmology Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care
WHO guidelines for screening for diabetic retinopathy

How it works

A fundus photo is made by a doctor

The photo is uploaded to the Retina.AI Cloud service

Automatic analysis is carried out using artificial intelligence algorithms

Results are provided in a format convenient to a doctor

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Target audience

Practicing Physicians

Ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, therapists, family doctors: get the opportunity to double-check / clarify the diagnosis

Medical clinics

Get the opportunity:

  1. to control the quality of medical services;
  2. to reduce the time spent by employees on patient examination;
  3. to engage patients with chronic medical conditions who need regular follow-up examinations.

Medical students, clinical residents who would like to test and improve their knowledge in the field of diagnostics of retinal pathology

About us

Digital Vision Solutions LLC is a company developing modern solutions based on artificial intelligence for ophthalmology.

Our team is a community of professionals from the fields of ophthalmology, big data analysis and machine learning, IT solutions for healthcare, project management and other fields.

We are currently looking for partnerships with international medical clinics for clinical trials of the Retina.AI Platform.


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